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Econologics Tax Solutions

Econologics Tax Solutions acts as a licensee of TaxVantage Consulting, and through this referral partnership makes available various advanced tax strategies to business and private practice owners nationwide. These advanced tax strategies include syndicated conservation easements to high income households, an engineered cost segregation study to accelerate depreciation and claim current year tax savings for real estate owners, the 30 year capital gain deferral strategy for clients who are selling a highly-appreciated capital asset (business, commercial real estate, stocks, etc.) and R&D tax credits for start-up and highly innovative businesses and professional practices.

These advanced strategies may have a profound effect on your income tax liability if used appropriately. Please contact us if you would like further information or to determine if any of these strategies might be suitable for your tax planning needs.

Econologics Tax Solutions, LLC.
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TaxVantage Consulting, LLC. is a consulting firm with an expertise in providing their clients with highly effective tax strategies. They work with successful business owners, private practice medical professionals and other high net worth individuals who typically earn in excess of $500K annually. Their service starts by lowering the taxes their clients currently pay by not only tens of thousands, but often times hundreds of thousands of dollars. These tax strategies can be found in the tax code and are available for every taxpayer to take advantage of for their tax planning needs. TaxVantage has access to legal opinions and case law that can be provided upon request, and they also understand how to document these strategies to satisfy all of the stringent IRS requirements.

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